Changelog --  Additions and updates to CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 (Linux)


build:1681950211, released on 1681950661
  1.   Bugfix    Backup process crashes when downloading specific data from SharePoint sites.
  2.   Bugfix    Fix “userType”: null issue.


build:1664160683, released on 1664166073
  1. ImprovementDiagnostic tool
  2. ImprovementBackup for unlicensed users and shared mailboxes


build:1663040062, released on 1663042621
  1.   Bugfix    Failed to back up Mail invite linked to deleted Calendar events
  2.   Bugfix    Failed to back up Calendar events with specific attachments
  3. ImprovementOptimized setup wizard
  4. ImprovementOptimized data index sycnchronization


build:1661912416, released on 1661915325

  Bugfix    Account sync issue on specific license types


build:1661820795, released on 1661823399

First release

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