Changelog --  Additions and updates to CubeBackup for Google Workspace (Windows)


build:1719813696, released on 1719814110
  1. New featureIntroduce global search for an entire domain
  2. New featureAdd support for Authenticator as a 2FA method for admin login
  3. New featureAdd support for ‘Cold’ storage tier in Azure Blob storage
  4. New featureAdd a ‘cbackup fullSync’ command
  5. New featureFacilitate restore of individual messages from Gmail conversations
  6. New featureAdd configurable options for login sessions.
  7. ImprovementAdd advanced search capabilities for Gmail and Google Drive backups
  8. ImprovementSync Google Groups structure.
  9. ImprovementEnable admin login via Google accounts
  10. ImprovementUpgrade Google Drive backup snapshots for a more organized folder structure
  11. ImprovementUpgrade the Azure Blob storage SDK
  12. ImprovementOptimize performance for canceling backup task in multi-tenant instances


build:1672708032, released on 1672708444
  1. New featureFirst release of service APIs
  2. New featureSupport hook integration for backup, restore and export events
  3. New featureNew customer portal to upgrade subscriptions
  4. New featureSupport IP whitelist for the web console and API
  5. New featureSupport Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class
  6. New featureSupport Amazon S3 KMS key encryption
  7. ImprovementUpgrade to Google Identity Services SDK for OAuth login
  8. ImprovementEncrypt service account key and configuration files
  9. ImprovementAuto-cancel a backup task due to insufficient storage space
  10. ImprovementSupport canceling an ongoing restore task
  11. ImprovementSupport updating storage credentials in the web console
  12. ImprovementSync the Unread status of Gmail backups
  13. ImprovementRestore last modified time of Google Drive files
  14. ImprovementPrompt to replace a corrupted license
  15. ImprovementDisplay upload speed for cloud backup storage
  16.   Bugfix    Correctly synchronize more than 1,000 Shared drives for a single manager
  17.   Bugfix    Resolved insufficient permission errors for shared Google Drive files


build:1641784381, released on 1641784938
  1. ImprovementSupport migrating to another storage location in the web console
  2. ImprovementResume the migration process when interrupted
  3. ImprovementSupport Gmail SMTP relay service to send reports on recent backup status
  4. ImprovementAdd listCubeAccounts command to help recover an admin account
  5. ImprovementAdd sendMailReport command to trigger email reports on demand
  6. ImprovementDisplay detailed status during a backup process
  7. ImprovementGenerate multiple snapshots during an extremely long backup
  8. ImprovementDisable weak ciphers in SSL/TLS
  9. ImprovementSupport specifying S3 compatible storage region
  10. ImprovementSupport restricting Auth scopes of Google APIs to read-only permissions
  11.   Bugfix    Eliminate the built-in size limitation on restoring large Google native files


build:1629166947, released on 1629167438

  Hotfix    Fix the bug in removing outdated snapshots.


build:1624857260, released on 1624857109
  1. New featureBackup to Google Cloud storage.
  2. New featureBackup to Azure Blob storage.
  3. New featureBackup to Backblaze B2 storage.
  4. New featureSupport two-factor authentication.
  5. New featureSkip backup for certain drive files using file exclusion rules.
  6. New featureAdd filesExclude command to purge certain files from the backups using exclusion rules.
  7. New featureAdd purgeUser, purgeSharedDrive commands to remove a specific user or shared drive.
  8. New featureSupport specifying the target folder/label for restoration.
  9. ImprovementSupport specifying storage type of cloud storage.
  10. ImprovementRestore drive file with share permissions.
  11. ImprovementExport log entries as CSV files.
  12. ImprovementSend email using SMTPS(port 465 supported).
  13. ImprovementAllow disabling of TLS1.0 TLS1.1 protocol for the CubeBackup console.
  14. ImprovementSupport breakpoint resume in downloading exported data.
  15. ImprovementAdd RestoreToOwnerOnly option for data restore.
  16. ImprovementAdd a diagnosis tool.


build:1615187884, released on 1615188232
  1.   Bugfix    High CPU usage caused by iothrottler lib.
  2.   Bugfix    CertMagic automatic SSL certificate renewal failure.
  3.   Bugfix    “No such table” error due to empty SQLite file created by backup process.
  4.   Bugfix    Unable to send emails through MS Exchange SMTP server.
  5.   Bugfix    “Automatically enable backups for new users” fails to work for users moved between OUs.
  6.   Bugfix    The setDomainAdminEmail command fails.


build:1608080980, released on 1608081564
  1. New featureMultiple admin accounts.
  2. New featureGoogle OAuth login.
  3. ImprovementReduce CPU usage during backup.
  4. ImprovementManually refresh users & shared drives.
  5.   Bugfix    Memory leaks when encountering network errors.
  6.   Bugfix    Service fails to start when storage is not mounted.


build:1591580673, released on 1591582020
  1. New featureExport data locally.
  2. ImprovementSearch&filter on history logs.
  3. ImprovementPurge old snapshots more effectively.
  4. ImprovementIn statistical data, only drive files with distinct MD5 digests are calculated.
  5. ImprovementSend a notification email to admin when server runs out of disk or RAM
  6. ImprovementPeriodically retry failed files.
  7.   Bugfix    Can’t backup files larger than 50GB to AWS S3 storage.
  8.   Bugfix    Can’t backup Google drawing files larger than 20MB.
  9.   Bugfix    CSRF error after setup.
  10.   Bugfix    Backup jobs cannot be cancelled occasionally due to queue locking.
  11.   Bugfix    Tasks for other domains show up on restore history.


build:1581854401, released on 1581907531
  1. ImprovementShow processing/pending restore tasks in history.
  2. ImprovementKeep original tags of trashed emails.
  3.   Bugfix    Failed to request SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  4.   Bugfix    Can’t correctly load the configure file edited by Notepad.
  5.   Bugfix    Can’t restore Shared drive files to a different domain.
  6.   Bugfix    Backup job running more than 24 hours blocks backups in other domains.
  7.   Bugfix    Google API returns domainPolicy error


build:1574304284, released on 1574305285
  1. ImprovementUpgraded Team drvie API to Shared drive API.
  2. ImprovementUpgraded AWS SDK to the latest version.
  3. ImprovementOptimized backup logic for trashed files.
  4. ImprovementRecord performance profile in cube.log
  5.   Bugfix    Backup fails with a broken syncToken.
  6.   Bugfix    Trashed files are included while restoring all regular drive files.
  7.   Bugfix    Inappriorate error handling when CloneLastSnapshotSqlite() operation failed


build:1567661755, released on 1567662237
  1. ImprovementRecover broken leveldb automatically.
  2. ImprovementIgnore abusive drive files.
  3. ImprovementAdd a command option to remove a certain domain.
  4.   Bugfix    Can’t restore gmail message with CHAT label.
  5.   Bugfix    Calendar.Events.List() returns 404 error.


build:1561513898, released on 1561515322
  1. New featureManually start a new backup/cancel the current backup.
  2. New featureBackup to an Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage, such as Wasabi or Minio.
  3. New featureCross-domain restoration (restore a G Suite account to another account in a different domain.)
  4. New featureA configuration setting has been added which makes the content of backed up Gmail messages visible.
  5. ImprovementSorting and searching are available in the HISTORY page.
  6. ImprovementEmail reports now include new update notifications.
  7. ImprovementEmail reports now include statistical data for the currently running backup.
  8. ImprovementGzip compress enabled for web console.
  9. ImprovementEnhanced security against CSRF attack.
  10.   Bugfix     Process hangs if any user has no name.


build:1556068400, released on 1556069509
  1.   Bugfix    Failed to send mail reports when SMTP server does not require any credentials.
  2.   Bugfix    Can’t add a subdomains with a hyphen in the domain name.


build:1555061607, released on 1555062053

  Bugfix    Errors while backing up duplicate sites.


build:1554370760, released on 1554371650
  1.   Bugfix    Wrong user status when google API return 500 error.
  2.   Bugfix     Out of memory problem in data migration.


build:1551840051, released on 1551841255
  1.   Bugfix     Permission error while backing up some team drives.
  2.   Bugfix     Can’t update Apps settings in Safari browser.
  3. Improvementstability of S3 storage.
  4. Improvementerror log if Apps is disabled for certain users.


build:1548815043, released on 1548815438

ImprovementParallel performance optimized.


build:1548505654, released on 1548506009

  fix    Drive file backups get 404 error while exporting some documents.


build:1548493861, released on 1548494415

First release

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