Changelog --  Additions and updates to CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 (Windows)


build:1690447193, released on 1690447665
  1. New featureSupport for multiple admin accounts.
  2. New featureSupport Microsoft account login and self-service for end users.
  3. New featureAdded Docker version support.
  4. New featureSupport two-factor authentication.
  5. New featureSupport specifying the target folder for restoration.
  6. New featureAdded audit log for web console operations.
  7. New featureAdded option to force restore task to finish even when encountering multiple errors.
  8. ImprovementSimplified setup workflow for initial configuration of an organization’s backup.
  9. ImprovementOptimized memory usage on concurrent backup tasks.
  10. ImprovementEncryption for basic configuration files.
  11.   Bugfix    Support organizations without SPO license.
  12.   Bugfix    Support backup users with no user type.
  13.   Bugfix    Resolved backup halting issues caused by specific Calendar events and SharePoint sites.
  14.   Bugfix    Fixed ErrorInvalidUserPrincipalName error.
  15.   Bugfix    Prevented authorization timeouts when syncing large organizations.
  16.   Bugfix    Fixed permission errors on specific OneDrive files.
  17.   Bugfix    Fixed 503 Service Unavailable error on Calendar backups.


build:1681887805, released on 1681888837
  1.   Bugfix    Backup process crashes when downloading specific data from SharePoint sites.
  2.   Bugfix    Fix “userType”: null issue.


build:1664163473, released on 1664166202
  1. ImprovementDiagnostic tool
  2. ImprovementBackup for unlicensed users and shared mailboxes


build:1663040198, released on 1663042698
  1.   Bugfix    Failed to back up Mail invite linked to deleted Calendar events
  2.   Bugfix    Failed to back up Calendar events with specific attachments
  3. ImprovementOptimized setup wizard
  4. ImprovementOptimized data index sycnchronization


build:1661912767, released on 1661915217

  Bugfix    Account sync issue on specific license types


build:1661820887, released on 1661823528

First release

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